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Department Graduate Information Graduate POC
MAE Karen Ehlers, Ed.D.
Graduate Program Advisor
(352) 392-0808
ECE Blunt, Cynthia
Graduate Adviser
P.O. Box 116200, Gainesville, FL 32611
352 392 9758
ISE Lorraine White
Graduate Academic Support Services Coordinator

(352) 294-7712
Weil 371A


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Please follow the registration instructions on the UF-EDGE site.

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  xxxx 6905 Individual Study/Master's Project      
  xxxx 6910 Supervised Research      
  xxx 6971 Research for Master's Thesis      
  xxx 7979 Advanced Research      

xxx 7980

Research for Doctoral Dissertation      




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Fax :     (850) 833-9366

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